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Howard Yap

Howard graduated from the University of Santo Tomas as a licensed Physical Therapist since 1988. He has been the Clinical Director of Omni Physical Therapy since 1992. Howard’s speciality is in the outpatient field including sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation. His also has clinical experience in the area of rehabilitation, nursing homes, home health, and acute care. He enjoys traveling and sports (now just golf). Howard has a wonderful wife and two children. 

Dora Peery

You will find Dora actively engaged in the reception area and taking care of medical billing, verification, and precertification. She was twice recognized by the local Chamber of Commerce for excellent service. Dora enjoys traveling, camping, rafting and her husband's cooking. Dora has three children and is a proud grandmother.

Julie Boswell

Julie has worked at Omni Physical Therapy since 1988 and has lived in Cleveland since 1978. Her extended tenure at Omni has afforded her the experience of being proficient in all aspects of outpatient rehabilitation procedures. She is truly the epitome of a "Jill of all trades."

Cindy Triebes

Cindy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Stephen F. Austin State University. She has been  a massage therapist since 1996 and enjoys making people feel better with expert massages. Cindy has been happily married for 34 years and loves to travel and photograph family and friends. She especially enjoys the great circle of friends at Omni Physical Therapy.

Beth Calhoun

Beth is a licensed massage therapist with a varied college background. She also provides private massages during her spare time. Beth enjoys country living and likes to travel. Her greatest passion is swimming. Beth is happily married with four children and a proud grandmother.

Rosemary Tirado

Rosemary is a licensed massage therapist who spends most of her time in the pool as our resident aquatic therapist – teaching exercises and stretches. She is currently studying to become a Physical Therapist assistant. Rosemary loves her work, the people and patients she works with, and has been a vaulable member of Omni since 2005.

Holly Seimert

Holly's is responible for Medicare billing and records. She also assists Dr. Walter Sassard from the Bone and Joint Clinic of Houston who offices at Omni one day a week. Holly was a college art major, and her creativity extends to weaving, knitting, and pottery. She spent several years at fitness facilities, including a position as a fitness trainer in Dayton. She and her husband Mark have lived in the Cleveland area for 28 years.

Taylor Heilers

Taylor inherited and has been running the family-owned Omni Physical Therapy since November 2008. He has 5 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Originally from Cleveland, Taylor attended the University of St. Thomas where be obtained his academic undergraduate degree and MBA in May 2009. Taylor imarried and has two children.